At 1Up Casino, we pride ourselves on delivering an exhilarating gaming app. Our primary goal is to offer players worldwide an abundance of delightful moments and extraordinary entertainment through our vast selection of premier slots and innovative meta-game systems. Our applications consistently captivate countless slot enthusiasts on a daily basis.

However, responsible gaming is of utmost importance to us. It is crucial to emphasize that our apps are exclusively designed for recreational purposes and do not involve real-money casino games. They are not intended for gambling, nor do they facilitate actual betting or offer real-money prizes. The virtual coins available for purchase or earned within the app serve solely to enhance gameplay and possess no monetary value. Please note that these virtual coins cannot be exchanged or used outside of the app’s virtual world.

To access our games, users must be 18 years of age or older. We strictly prohibit individuals below the age of 18 from playing our games.

If you, your friends, or your family have any concerns regarding your gaming habits, if gaming is adversely affecting your personal or professional life, or if you feel a loss of control over your gameplay, we urge you to consider the following measures and resources to regain control over your access to our games:

Seek support from qualified medical professionals, who can provide guidance and assistance. If you wish to permanently deactivate your account, please utilize the “Contact Us” button or send an email to the addresses provided on our website. To request a temporary account suspension, please use the “Contact Us” button or email us at the addresses available on our website. During the suspension period, you will be unable to log in to your account for a duration of six months. Explore the option of managing or restricting virtual coin purchases within the app. For instructions on adjusting settings on different devices, please refer to the following links:


Make the necessary adjustments to your gaming preferences and settings.

At 1Up Casino, we prioritize your well-being and remain dedicated to promoting responsible gaming practices. If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we can create a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.